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Bingo City

Book & Lyrics by Jenne Wason   Music by Alan Cancelino

Based on a story by Lance Sticksel

Bingo's biggest fan Catherine Baladucci dreams of going to Bingo City, Texas to compete on Bingo's biggest game show.  Her rotten son Donnie tries to keep her in a retirement home instead - so he can keep cashing her social security checks. 

Catherine makes a break for it, with her grandson Junior and her reluctant best friend Sister E.  Along the way, they encounter a country singer, some Elvises, a crazed Bingo Queen, a handsome elderly sheriff, and more. In the meantime, Donnie has accused her of kidnapping Junior and the whole country is after her.

Will she make it to Bingo City? And if she does, can she win it all and become the next Bingo City Bingo Queen?  Only the Bingo cage knows for sure...


BINGO CITY was produced in concert at New York Musical Theatre Festival, directed by Leigh Silverman. The cast included Anita Gillette, Natalie Douglas, the original cowboy from the Village People Randy Jones, Marie-France Arcilla and Harrison Chad.

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